Friday, February 5, 2010

Welcome to my blog: it's like my status updates, but longer.

For some reason, I can update my Facebook status hourly about completely trivial aspects of life without a second thought. But the thought of starting a blog of my own that I have to update regularily is intimidating. People will choice to read this! They're not obligated to because we're "friends" on a social networking site. With a blog, readers-strangers- actively choose to read your thoughts, opinions, experiences. The writer should be legitimate, and stuff.

But, if I can run six miles a day, I can write a blog. If I can sweat profusely from every pore in my body while on a treadmill in front of hundreds of people, I can do this blog thing. This "if/then" mentality has dominated my thinking and confidence since I started this adventure called running. Whenever faced with an obstacle or challenge that shakes my confidence, I remind myself that I can run.

And now, I can blog.

This is an experimental post. But upcoming blogs will feature the following:

a. It all started with an irrational fear of bears
b. Ankles and me
c. Why I can run 30 miles a week but think cereal is too much work
d. Righteous Running

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