Sunday, April 11, 2010

Can't Win Them All

One of the other blogs I subscribe to has the tagline "I love tequilla and the treadmill equally". I love that line. And I truely an epitome of it this weekend.

I had a good time with the Not Boston Fun Run in Tyler State Park on Saturday morning. It was a very small event with maybe 50-75 runners total. I think the event planners could have marketed it a little more. Not Boston was a 2.62 mile run with mile markers every tenth of a mile to simulate or mock the epic Boston Marathon next weekend. The description for the event was "I didn't qualify for Boston." The small field really motivated me to keep up a good pace and I crossed the finish line at around 24 minutes. I was pleased~! I wanted to run more but I had promised myself a good long training run on Sunday. I was planning on taking advantage of a stay in NYC to run in the picturesque Central Park.

My best friend Ayo lives in Manhattan and I love going to visit her on random weekends. Saturday night was her last performance in her graduate program at the New School for Drama. I had to see it! I figured we'd go out for a few drinks afterward but that I'd still be able to run in the morning/late afternoon.

A few drinks turned into a few drinks too many as her very generous father insisted on getting us hammered. And I always feel trashy if a maybe CEO like her dad asks to buy me a drink and I say, "Ill take a beer." So, I broke my own rule and had bad idea reunion with my ex Gin. Gin and his friend Wine and eventually Beer. We had a great time last night. This morning was another story.

I wasn't full out can't function hungover, but I did say one or two prayers to the porcelian goddess. Running was not an option. I'm ok with that. I realize how addicted, or neurotic, I am as I was contemplating an after-dark run around the neighborhood when I got home. Now, the rational side of me knows that no harm will come from missing the training run this afternoon. It happens. I had a blast last night and certainly wasn't going to turn down free drinks! Not running today will not have a giant impact on my performance in the half marathon next weekend and I can squeeze in one or two up tempo runs this week to compensate. I know this. But I feel almost as guilty about not running today as I do when I eat peanut butter for dinner.

Had I tried to run today it would have been ugly. There was no way I was going to do the full eleven. I'd have died or puked or something even more embarrassing. I will have to admit my defeat today. But will rise super freaking early tomorrow to be ready for the next battle. Or not. It's must easier to surrender at 5am than it is at 5pm.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA i finally read this... I don't think guilty is the feeling you are looking for when you mention the peanut butter thing.... I think that is remorse for not planning your grocery shopping better... at least that is what it is in my house...(baked potato, cream cheese, and hotsauce = dinner?)
    As for hungover running! Suck it up! The trick is to puke with out losing your rhythm... JKing
    you deserved a rest