Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dear Winter

Dear Winter,

Thank you for all the snow you gave us here in the Northeast this past year. Starting in January 2010, you have been so generous with the amounts of snowfall. I certainly enjoyed the extra days off from work and school. I watched lots of bad tv, ate lots of food and took a lot of naps. I didn't even mind shoveling the entire driveway when my landlord claimed he "you know, has a bad back like that." I was fun. I made a  snow angel.

I had fun running with you last winter too. I felt so tough and hardcore when I'd jump over snow piles and play hopscotch through black ice patches. I surrendered my towpath routes after the second blizzard when there was like a foot of snow that would just not melt. My legs would get so cold that I couldn't feel them on our morning adventures and therefore didn't know if they hurt. I thought it was awesome that I didn't have to wash all my running clothes immediately because you barely sweat when temperatures are below freezing.

 I see you're back at it again. I really enjoyed that extra day off after Christmas. But, you know, Winter, we're good on the snow. Really. Unfortunately my deadlines remain the same no matter how much white stuff you send. It just gets more difficult to do my work from home since my lazy a$$ landlord won't shovel or even help clear the driveway so we can get to the office. I have a professor who thinks his class is far more important than my safety. He will be very unhappy if I miss listening to him marvel at the brilliance of his own voice because you've made the roads so slick and slippery. I disagree with him and side with you on that though.

And Winter, I really can not stand to run with you anymore. I'm cold. I can feel the nerves and tendons in my hamstrings right now. They are cold. I have no more layers left to wear. My clothes are always wet from frost and snow. I think my hair froze this morning. I have frozen frizz. And as if being constantly afraid of bears, deer, cars and crazy people while I'm running in the darkness isn't enough-- I know have to watch every single step for fear of slipping or sliding on the treacherous black ice patches that are everywhere.

I don't want to play anymore, Winter. We had fun. It was great but I just can't keep this up!

Have you heard from Spring lately?




  1. Love this! You are the coolest:)

  2. Haha. That's great. I'm the same way. Once the holidays are over I am ready for spring!

    and thanks so much for your sweet comment. :)