Monday, July 25, 2011

Righteous Runner Rules for Righteous Running

"The Lord, the Lord Jehovah has given unto you these fifteen… Oy! Ten! Ten commandments for all to obey!" – Moses, "History of the World Part 1,” Brooksfilms (1981)

  1.  Thou shall not spend more time traveling to a race than it would take to actually run the race.
  2. Thou shall not use a treadmill next to an occupied treadmill unless it is the only available option.

  3. Thou shall not covet others runner’s pace, distance, supposed strength, outfit, shoes, time, or medals.
  4. Thou shall not run when there are excessive heat warnings or air quality warnings—even if other people are out there. Nor shall you run when the roads are covered in ice and it compromises your safety and the safety of others on the road.
  5. Thou shall never wear the same sports bra twice without it drying out or being washed.
  6. Thou shall always have a spare set of running clothes in the car.
  7.  Thou shall reuse plastic water bottles twice before recycling.
  8.  Thou shall take a rest day or three or week or month.
  9.   Thou shall smile and nod at passing runners.
  10. Thou shall honor thy body and thy soul equally. 



  1. I like #10:)But disagree with #1....especially when the closest races are usually over an hour away and the only person you know who will run them with you lives across the state:)

  2. Love this. Although with traveling to a 50 mile race, that leaves a wide gap between the time I'd be willing to travel and how long I expect it to take me to run that race. :)

  3. That commandment is pretty open. I'm just saying don't drive an hour and a half for a 5K. :-)