Monday, June 18, 2012

Things I Did Not Know in January But Now I Do

  • The terms gear, cadence, three-up, saddle-sore, or clip-ins.
  • An itchy nose means improper breathing in the water.
  • Swimsuits are really expensive.
  • Bikes are really expensive.
  • Chlorine is an overwhelming odor at first but eventually you get used to it. Maybe even grow to like it.
  • Putting baby powder in your swim cap will prevent it from sticking together. It's better to add the baby powder after you've swam and before you're dressed in a black sweater.
  • There is nothing quite as good as a good run.
  • You do not have to shave your legs to get into the pool. Honestly, no one notices.
  • The mirrors on the left side of the spin class room are good. The mirrors on the right side of the spin class room are evil.
  • Sitting on a bike in the back row of a spin class means that you can watch muscluar guys to pull ups, heavy machines, and lower ab leg lifts behind you. Always get to class early.
  • Dogs of all sizes are fascinated by bike wheels. Dog owners of all sizes are idiots.
  • It is completely possible to learn how to swim in three months.
  • Learning to cycle is not simply 'riding a bike.'.
  • Triathlons are really expensive.
  • Not rotating enough in the water = back pain
  • Seat too high or low on your bike = back pain
  • Taking spin classes to learn how to bike is like only running on a treadmill before your first race. Eventually, you have to get outside.
  • Bike tires need to be inflated at least once a week.
  • If it feels like your bike weights ten extra pounds no matter how hard you push and it's hard to balance than usual, check your tires.
  • We can pretty much do anything we set our minds to -- no matter how daunting, terrifying, overwhelming, and challenging.

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  1. Awesome! Quite the education you've had there. I hope you're enjoying your journey. If I remember correctly, you're doing the NYC triathlon next month, not Philly this weekend right? Anyway, you're come a long way and should be proud of that transformation.