Friday, October 1, 2010

Dear Linds,

Hi, it's your knees here. We understand that you love your shoes and feel that adding a few inches to your height somehow makes you feel more adult-y. The leopard print heels our friend, feet, are rocking today are gorgeous and do spice up the typically dull outfits you chose.

However, if you're going to continue attempting to be some kind of running ninja diva, we're going to have to ask that you alternate some flats or sneakers into the corporate Linds collection. Seriously. You cannot expect us to be happy about the hilly miles in your long runs and the beatings of the treadmill followed by kicking and jumping like a poorly balanced drunken ninja and then make us carry your never decreasing weight around all day teetering in 3 inch heels.

Your ankles would also appreciate a rest. They would threaten to swell and puff out like a cankle but we all know that would be pointless. We've gotten some feedback from the feet and they're just generally uphappy all around at the way you've been treating them. A pedicure could make things better. Or a pair of runninig shoes that fit. Or maybe not wearing the above mentioned 3 inch heels for 9 hours a day. Its safe to say your entire lower body is not happy about recent shoe choices.


The two massive joints that hold your thighs to your never-going-to-fit-into-boots-calves.


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