Monday, October 4, 2010

Put Out the Cigarette Before You Judge Me.

I run. A lot. I do. It's not all I do, it just shows up in my social media life because one is a lot less likely to get fired or worse for having too many photos of crossing finishing lines posted than, say, one too many photos of drinking or crazy dancing. I have plenty of political opinions but I just chose to express them in less annoying and more effective ways than hitting a "press like if you ...agree with this hyperbolic statement about an extreme group...." I too have a schedule that goes like work, gym, study, dinner and feel relief on Fridays and angst on Mondays but just don't say it. I do run. I like to talk about it and mostly people are interested in hearing about it.

But, it's not all I do. I've noticed at parties and other social functions now that running is all people want to talk to me about. And that's fine and I'm happy about my little passion. I'm touched by the interest and find it baffling sometimes that some have said I'm inspiration? If my FB friends acknowledge the DailyMile posts in real life conversations, it means they've noticed them. Has anyone ever been approached about a TGIF PEEPS! status? And if they're annoying, just hide me. Or defriend, whatever. I will gladly offer advice and encouragement to anyone who is lacing up their sneakers for the first time in years or ever. Let's talk about it for a few minutes and then move on. There are many other ways to relate that don't involve running. Did you know that I also love to talk about the Phillies, electronic publishing, books, figuring out the ending to Lost, gossip-- celebrity or real, career related things (did you know I'm the youngest person in my office by at least 10 years? Advice on how get a group of perimenopasual women to like me without having to bake, have a baby , or get married would be more than welcome!), current affairs, music, education and travel. I'm not too hip on the movies and tv just yet though.

Also, if you don't run or exercise, please don't judge me for doing so. I'm not crazy for waking up at 5:15am to run before work because I have class in the evenings. I don't have leprosy because I like to sweat. Let's put this into perspective. Who is more crazy: Someone who takes care of themselves in a healthy manner by finding time for exercise and makes an effort to eat well OR someone who considers pizza, cereal and beer to be a well-rounded meal and done a minute of exercise aside walking outside to smoke. Yes, but the bleeping cigarette out before you judge my living habits. Put the beer down and get your head out of your a$$ before saying I'm nuts for getting up early in the morning. Please don't tell me you don't even drive as 5 miles in the morning. It's not helping and I certainly don't think it's funny. I find it just as hard to relate to your lack of activity as you would to my level of it.

(I fail to understand how when you're in a social situation such as a party or a bar demeaning another person could possibly work in your favor. I've been on dates before where the guy was like "that's crazy! I couldn't do that without a beer first." Which is when I would mentally check out and just enjoy the free meal. I had started a rule that the more you diss my sport, the higher $$ the entree I'd order.)

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